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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Some delayed Post! Sorry!

10-Dec -2005: The last Party of LUWASA, this was the last but most exiting party we ever had, more than 35 guests . Party went up to 3 Am, we swam in night, throwing each other in swimming pool. It was a great fun.

9th-Dec-2005: Gillian's Invitation to “Cape to Cubana”:
Cape of Cubana is a very interesting place, Inspired by Che Guevara: (I will dedicate my next post about Che)

6th-Dec-2005: Shinji’s Invitation to Japanese Restaurant: "Kubo's little Japan" is a small but very
ethnic and wonderful restaurant!!

I specially liked Sake (Rice wine) and fried ice cream, yes!! fried ice cream.


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